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reunion Island honeymoon and activities

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Reunion Island offers many romantic activities for honeymooners. Here are some of the activities not to be missed:

Hiking in the cirques : Reunion Island is famous for its cirques, including the cirque of Mafate, the cirque of Salazie and the cirque of Cilaos. Couples can go hiking to discover the spectacular scenery of these cirques.

Scuba diving : Reunion Island offers exceptional diving sites, including the Reunion Marine Nature Reserve, where couples can observe a wide variety of fish, turtles and sharks.

Whale and dolphin watching : Reunion Island is an ideal place to watch whales and dolphins. Couples can embark on sea trips to see them up close.

Visit botanical gardens : Reunion Island is home to some incredible botanical gardens, such as the Jardin de l'État in Saint-Denis and the Jardin des Parfums et des Épices in Saint-Philippe.

Creole Culture Discovery : Couples can discover the island's Creole culture by visiting typical villages, sampling local cuisine and attending festivals and cultural events.

Helicopter ride : Couples can take a helicopter ride to see the island's spectacular scenery, including the Piton de la Fournaise volcano.

Romantic Beach Picnic : Reunion Island offers many beautiful beaches where couples can picnic and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Spa and relaxation : Couples can take advantage of the island's spas and wellness centres to relax and rejuvenate.

Paragliding : Reunion Island offers spectacular paragliding sites, including the cliffs of Saint-Leu, where couples can take off together for an unforgettable experience.

Discover the local markets : Couples can explore the island's local markets to buy fresh produce, souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones.

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